Cool Communications: Unifying science, video and social media


We’re all doing a combination of online activities, multimedia and innovations on communicating science.

But what happens when we put that all together?

CIFOR’s Science @10

Interview scientists on recent research, innovations, new science, publications, or books. This is our focus.

Science Vlog

Monologue or dialogue down the lens. Can be published as part of the publication package and abstract on the page.

Twitter Chat and Live Questions

Topic focused, real-time, engage geographically dispersed audiences.

Google Hangout

Interviews down the lens, with geographically dispersed teams. Broadcast Live, live question and answer, save and upload to YouTube for dissemination after.

The culmination of this is combining all of these approaches into one real-time, live-broadcast, and engagement with geographically dispersed teams.

An example from the media:



  • Scientists
  • Students and universities
  • Donors
  • Partners

Key comments

  • Doesn’t need to be high quality video, but high quality audio and ample light on the subject is important
  • Topic focused and timely around an event, global interest or trending discussions
  • Leverage youth partnerships for audience and dissemination